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Thanks for stopping in to visit with our Mals here at KyMalamute.  We pride ourselves on raising our Mals and their pups to be child friendly, gentle loving giants.  Take a closer look at Avalanche and Klondike on their own personal pages or browse through the many litters that they have shared with others all over the USA.






Don't forget to take a look at the previous pups from Klondike and Avalanche on the Previous Litters page.  Colors may slightly vary but remain fairly consistent from litter to litter.


Do you have an interest in future litters?  Email us at for further information on upcoming litters.  Puppies go fast, so don't delay!

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We sell Malamutes in the following states: Kentucky, KY, Ohio, OH, Indiana, IN, Virginia, VA, West Virginia, WV, North Carolina, NC, South Carolina, SC, Tennessee, TN, Missouri, MO, Minnesota, MN, Michigan, MI, Pennsylvania, PA, Arkansas, AK, Mississippi, MS, Georgia, GA, Texas, TX, Oklahoma, OK, Michigan, MI, District of Columbia, DC, Louisana, LA,